Sea Turtles

The beaches of Palm Beach County are not just a favorite spot for tourists. Each year they are home to the highest number of Leather-back Turtle nests and the second highest number of Loggerhead and Green Turtle nests in the country.

Sea turtles usually nest at night from early March to late October. The biggest threat to nesting females and new hatchlings is beachfront lighting that can disturb nesting females and misdirect hatchlings from their journey to the sea.

Beaches are monitored by various local groups permitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. While staying at The Breakers-On-The-Ocean you may be interested in guided Sea Turtle walks (available May – July). For more information on participating in a guided walk and to learn more about Sea Turtles, contact the nearby Gumbo Limbo Nature Center at (561) 338-1473.

While at the Beach, please:

  • Avoid going to the beach to observe turtles at night without a permitted guide.
  • Do not use flashlights on the beach at night in the summer.
  • Place umbrellas only in the upper twelve inches of sand to avoid disturbing buried clutches of eggs.
  • Build sandcastles and dig holes below the seaweed line.
  • Please pick up litter on the beach and properly dispose of your trash.